Always Be Prepared

So, I mentioned my upcoming Ragnar Relay…and that I’d share with you, anything I learn along the way. Well, I had my first lesson the other day. Bring extra socks, (maybe with the high heel?,) and band-aids! Oh, yes…and some sort of energy, might have been helpful too.

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Sharing Is Caring

Well hello there! Hey, look at that! We made it through another week!!

Things here have been a little crazy…only because daddy has been working a lot, so it’s pretty much been me n’ the boys lately! They are always ready to go, go, go!!

Yesterday was especially busy! We of course, had to get our run in, pre-swim lessons. Then, we made the trek out to visit Nonna, and play with our cousins – ALL boys, might I add. Nonna always has some kind of project for them to do…which they LOVE!!

photo 1

photo 2
This months project – International sheep!

Not planned, but we ended up skipping nap…because we had been given tickets to Legoland, and we had to use them that day. Let’s just say, I was done, by the end of everything! Just the same, we had a great time, and I always enjoy spending time with my boys…even if they are a little crazy! They are also very sweet.

Love these guys!!
Love these guys!!

So, that said…let me share with you, a couple other things that have been going on here.

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There’s a First Time for Everything!

How’s it been going?! Are you enjoying the long holiday weekend??! I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July!!

Well, I know it’s been a little while since my last post. I really was planning to the other day, but then decided to hold off, because this week was full of firsts!

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We Did It…

With time to spare!!
…and, with time to spare!!

Woohoo!! Yesterday, we made the 100mi goal for June! One month down…two more to go! I had planned to share this with you earlier, (i.e. yesterday,) but the kiddos didn’t want to let me finish. Anyway…

Now, I don’t know for sure, but I’m pretty sure, this isn’t the first time I’ve ran 100mi in a month. I mean, I have run a couple marathons now, so I’m almost confident, this is not a new feat.

What’s the big deal then?

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Some New Tunes and Summer Running

Hey there! Here we are…another Monday, just came and went! Hope it was a good one!

I’d just like to say, the invention of the “playlist” has been an amazing thing!! Do you remember when…all those songs would have to be “burned” to a cd?! (Oh, and we won’t even go to the days before that!) It’s so great now…just save click, drag, etc…and there you go! A playlist!! Simply marvelous!! Well, let me tell you…I love making playlists!

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Not, Not Training?

So, I think I’m really enjoying this “not training, training” a little too much! While I was trying to fall asleep last night, I came up with a workout, for today’s run! And, you know what?! It was fun and challenging! Especially, pushing the boys!! (I would have shared our finishing picture with you…but realized, after-the-fact, that it was not-so-suitable for sharing. Oh, my crazies…strike again! Sorry.)

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Hello Again!

Hey there! Yeah, I know…I know! I took a few days off again.

I’m sorry.

Actually, I didn’t totally take off, as I’ve been working on my race recaps. I’m actually surprised how much I remember, even though many, were a while ago. I guess since I haven’t done that many yet, it’s easier to remember more about them – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

All the bling
For the love of bling!

Anyway, back to the present…

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