Happy National Running Day!

Hey there! So, I know we just met, but I figured today would be a great day for my first post! Why? Well, because it’s National Running Day! So, why not?!

Back in my About Me novel, you may have noticed that I run. Well, let me reiterate, that I have not always been a runner. Back in the day, I would go so far as to say, I hated running. With that, I should add that I never dreamed I’d run a marathon, let alone even entertain such an idea!

Now, if you did read my bio, you may remember that I also said, “Never say never!” Ha! That’s right!! This past Sunday, I ran my third marathon. The San Diego Rock n’ Roll. Not gonna lie, it was rough – mentally – but I finished. While I wasn’t too happy with this run, I do have to give myself some credit, as this was only six-weeks following my last marathon. Typically, I’ve taken a break after a big run, so to continue running, was a big deal.

Getting to the point…today is National Running Day! Of course I had to get in some miles! I was pleasantly surprised with today being my first run since, that it felt good! Maybe recovery does get easier, if you keep it up?!

My National Running Day Miles
My National Running Day Miles
Even my littlest crazy got some miles in
Even my littlest crazy got some miles in

Your turn! How did you celebrate today?



3 thoughts on “Happy National Running Day!

  1. I ran 15 for a girl battling cancer. And then fell in love with Qdoba burrito with 3 cheese queso.

  2. Whoa, my first comment got whacked! Lol. Let’s see if this one sticks. I ran 15 miles for #TeamJamie who is battling cancer. And then I ate at this place called Qdoba and had a steak burrito with a 3 cheese queso. So so good!

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