No News is Good News?

Oh, hey there!

Sorry, I’m still shaking a little! I just got a letter regarding my nursing school application!! Eeeekkkkk! I know they’re supposed to be making decisions for the Fall cohort, this month. So…?

Oh. It was only my updated worksheet. Oh well. At least, I have a better idea of where I stand now. I think I have a good chance of getting in, but I guess I’ll keep waiting.

In other news…I got in some more recovery miles today! It’s always funny when I run with the double, but only one kiddo…everyone tells me that I’m missing one. It was just more convenient today. It was already in my car. Plus, it left a spot open for me!

One, of my favorite coach's!
One of my favorite coach’s!

Now, the other thing I wanted to share with you. I just read about it the other day, from another blogger. I didn’t get to try it out until today though. Yesterday, ended up being a rest day. Anyway, it’s the Charity Miles app! There are several organizations you can choose to donate to. By donate, I mean, get moving! Walk, run, or bike! Your milage is then converted into money for your chosen organization! So Easy! And, So Cool!! Today, I chose to donate my miles to Special Olympics.

This is what I'm talking about
This is what I’m talking about

Actually, I always thought it would be really amazing, to be a Special Olympics coach. Hey, maybe now that I have some time on my hands, I should look into that again!

Ok, last thing…a friend of mine wanted to make it to 100 miles last month. I thought that sounded like a fun idea, so I’m adding that to my list of summer goals! Fortunately, I ran a marathon on the 1st, so now I’m already a third of the way there!! The next couple months though…that’s where the challenge begins.

Well, whadduya think? Wanna join me in my summer challenge?? C’mon…it’ will be fun!



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