Who Brought These Guys?

So after our morning, I started thinking, ‘maybe I should change my blog title to “The Many Adventures of Dishouttawater and Her Traveling Circus”!’ Hmmm…kinda has a nice ring to it.

Yep, it’s been that kinda day.

Now, I’m only gonna tell you this once. So, consider yourself warned. If you ever see us in public – just turn around and RUN…the other way…as fast as you can! Seriously! Don’t look back. Just GO! Of course, you’re more than welcome to join us too…I just hope you have a towel and change of clothes, because more than likely, you’ll need them!

We managed to make it out of the house pretty early this morning, for beach bootcamp! We haven’t been in a while, because let’s face it, when you travel with the circus…there’s not much working out going on. Or, at least, the designated workout. (Another reason, running is so great!) Now that they’re both a little older though, I figured we could probably start going again. We have recently, dropped in a couple times, and it’s been ok. Well, today went very well! They were actually excited to participate in much of the workout with me…and even went on to say, they had fun! Awesome!! So we still had to modify a few things…the important thing, is we had FUN!

Then, just to make it even better…at the end of class, there was a raffle. I won! Woohoo!! An hour massage! Aaaahhhh…definitely gotta schedule that, ASAP!

the circus crew
The Circus Crew: handing out hi-fives and winning raffles!

Ok, moving right along…I’m gonna go out on a limb, and say that I’m pretty sure WE are your worst nightmare! We swim in mud puddles; climb trees, (or anything else, for that matter); pick “pretty flowers”…or in the case of today, paint ourselves! Yes, you read that last part right. We went to the Home Depot for the monthly kids workshop. We only recently started going, because I thought they were too young. Maybe they are, but they still enjoy it. I think? Anyway, we lucked out last month, as it was a fairly simple project…i.e. no painting. Today, was a little more involved.

A little bit of constructing
There was a little bit of construction…
And then, a little paint...
And then, a little painting…
Or a lot...(see, I told you)
Or, a lot of painting…(see, I told you)
Wa-La! Finished products!
And there you have it! The finished products!

Sheesh! They’re exhausting, and this was all before lunch time!! On the drive home, I kinda just started laughing to myself. Sometimes, it’s all I can do. That, and of course, take pictures. Anyway, fortunately for me, they must have tired themselves out, because they BOTH took a nap today! A rare treat!

So, if you saw us out and about…Would you a) Run away; b) Join us; or c) Run away, but then when you’re at a safe distance, sit back and enjoy the show??

Don’t worry, I won’t be offended either way!



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