Where Have You Been?

Hey there! Sorry, I thought I’d take a couple days off. Did you miss me? It’s ok, if you didn’t. Things were a little busy and somewhat uneventful. Ok, let’s see…

Monday…the first day of swim lessons! It was a little weird being at the pool – as a patron, and not an instructor. It was nice though – just to enjoy watching my child in the pool. Oh, and then there’s the infamous June Gloom. Never fails to come back for the first days of swim lessons…or all summer. Sometimes. Yep, I don’t miss that either!!

One of my water babies
One of my water babies

The rest of the day was filled with some household responsibilities, but of course ended with teaching my Insanity class! It was fun too!! I mean, it’s always a great time, but I love it when I have a big class!!

Tuesday…More of the same. I ended up taking a rest day. Involuntarily. I had planned to finally try barre class, for the first time! I’ve been wanting to try it for a while. We ended up running around, shopping instead. Adding to that, a sick kiddo. It’s never fun having a sick kiddo. I will make it to barre, one day.

And now, today…we finally made it to the last day of preschool!! It’s really summer!! I started the day with my last single jogger run…at least for the next several weeks. It went surprisingly well too! I didn’t plan for it, but ended up doing a tempo run…and added in an extra mile! Like I said before, the beauty of not training for anything specific right now – the freedom to run whatever I feel like running! It’s kinda cool!

Last day being single
Last day being single

Even better, I remembered to start my Charity Miles app this time. Today, I donated my miles to Stand Up To Cancer. I love that there are so many organizations to choose from!! I forgot to start my music though. Too many things to remember. I’ll get there. Actually, I don’t usually run with music, unless I have the kiddos, but he didn’t seem to mind, not having it.

After our nice hot run – (Yay! Nice weather!) – we got to jump in the pool for swim lessons! Wait, did I say jump? I meant belly flop! I’m pretty sure he’d do it the whole time, if I’d let him!

A true prodigy - he's mastered the art of the bellyflop!
A true prodigy – he’s mastered the art of the bellyflop!

So, that’s about it. Oh, I filled out my second application to be a Sparkly Soul Ambassador. Hopefully, one day I can be one! I absolutely love their headbands!! I kinda have a teeny obsession with them…since purchasing my first one a year ago, at the Rock ‘n’ Roll, San Diego Marathon Expo. Now, it’s become my tradition, to get a new one for race day. Anyway, I’ll keep you posted, if I hear anything!!

One last update…I just got an email from my RunKeeper app, that I am halfway to my 100-mile goal, for the month! Woohoo!! I can only hope the next two summer months will go as well!!

100 miles, here I/we come!!
100 miles…here I/we come!!

Well, that’s about it for now. I gotta get dinner ready before I go teach another night of Insanity!

Have you ever tried barre? Do you love it??!



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