Some Exciting…and SPARKLY News!

Are? You?? Ready???

Are you sure?

Guess who got an email back regarding their Sparkly Soul Ambassador application! ME!! I was chosen as an ambassador!!! Woohoo!!!!! I thought about it after my post yesterday, so didn’t mention it…BUT I thought it would be fun, if I was accepted, to do a promotion or my first giveaway!! SO, I guess that means YOU get to help me celebrate my exciting news!! Yay!!

I wasn’t expecting to hear anything back…especially so soon, so I have to figure out the deets, but you better believe I will let you know, soon as I do!!

Rockin' the Sparkly, all over
Rockin’ the Sparkly on our road trip last summer

 Well, since it’s Thursday, did you see…I used a “throwback” picture – (I wonder who came up with the whole Throwback Thursday??!) Anyway, as you can see, I am a big fan of these headbands!

Now, back to my picture…this is when I decided I would run the Big Sur Marathon…someday. I also learned about the Boston to Big Sur Challenge, at this time. In case you don’t know what it is – it’s where you run Boston, on Monday, and then Big Sur, the following Sunday. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?! It’s part of my 10-year plan. After running Boston this year, I knew the whole experience was once in a lifetime…so of course, the only other option is to go for the challenge!

Do you have a race bucket list? What’s on it??



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