Hello Again!

Hey there! Yeah, I know…I know! I took a few days off again.

I’m sorry.

Actually, I didn’t totally take off, as I’ve been working on my race recaps. I’m actually surprised how much I remember, even though many, were a while ago. I guess since I haven’t done that many yet, it’s easier to remember more about them – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

All the bling
For the love of bling!

Anyway, back to the present…

First of all, I hope all you daddy’s out there, had a wonderful Father’s Day! Ours was pretty lo-key, which is fine. As long as he had a good day, right? I ended up skipping my (long) run yesterday, so I could spend the day with my boys. (Again, the advantage of being on a race break.) No complaints here. I made up for it this morning…sort of. I did a “brick” workout. Actually, I did one on Friday too. Why, you ask? Well, I had agreed to swim, but wanted to run, and had to teach, as well…so, what’s a girl to do?!

Oh, I got it!! Stack a workout together! Have you ever tried it? It was actually kinda fun! Plus, when I finally decide to do a triathlon, this will be good practice! So far, I’ve only done run-swim-runs. Haven’t added the bike yet. I will though. I’ve got some time, still.

Run. Swim. Run.

So, I’ve been wondering…why is it called a brick? Of course, I tried googling the answer and found a couple that make sense, but I don’t know if either is correct; 1) two workouts are stacked on top of one another, like laying bricks; or 2) after a run/bike workout – that’s how your legs feel. Like I said, I can see both. (Do you know?) Oh, and while I was searching I came across a triathlon training plan, that I may use…when the time comes, of course.

The other thing I did this weekend…I’ve been wanting to integrate more strength training, but felt being in the midst of marathon training, probably wasn’t an ideal time to start. Well, I decided to bust out one of my Body Pump dvd’s, and OH MY GOSH!!! I have missed it so!! My legs, are actually still a little sore! Yay!! Now, since I’m on maintenance mode, I can add it in!!

Do you cross-train? What do you like to do, and how do you mix it all in??



2 thoughts on “Hello Again!

  1. I do bricks!!! and I always thought that it was the first meaning you mentioned. And I ‘cross’ train. Not cross train like biking or swimming… i mean, I do that, but I also do strength training on my low mileage days. Squats, lunges, box hops… all that. I think it’s good to shock the muscles and helps with cardio too!

  2. I definitely agree! I love mixing it up!! Plus, how else can we fit everything in??! 😉 For these last two marathons, I ran three days a week and did cross training on the other days, in lieu of “easy runs”. With teaching though, my schedule wasn’t ideal. (Gonna have to change some things around.) As far as strength training, I do bootcamp, but I’m trying to add in more weights now. I’ve been trying to plan when would be good. I was kinda thinking along the lines, of what you do.

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