Strange Blood Types and Other News!

So, while I was falling asleep to the news the other night, I heard a story about there being a blood shortage – specifically of O negative. Well, it just so happens, that I am O negative! (I think?!) I guess that means, I better made a donation!!

Now, I have a interesting(?) story…

Once upon a time, the blood mobile made a stop at school, where Dish was an EMT student. Yep, true story. I really wanted to know what my blood type was, so I signed up to donate. I came to learn that I was O positive. I’ve since made a couple more donations, all being O positive, with my last visit being newly (and unknowingly) pregnant with my first. I almost passed out. That was a strange sensation. Yeah, and I just hadn’t been back since.

Anyway, during that pregnancy, or during any for that matter, you have to get blood work done. At a follow-up appointment, my doctor tells me I’ll be getting my Rhogam shot.

Umm…huh? Isn’t that for people with a negative blood type?

She says, “Well, this is you, isn’t it?”

Yes, it’s me. BUT, I am O positive. How can I be positive and negative?

Nobody really had any explanation for me, and I didn’t really have much luck looking around on the internet.

So, when I finally went to the hospital to deliver, and they asked my blood type, I didn’t know what to tell them. Long story short, I requested they type me again, and same thing – O negative! I also learned that people can be weak positive or weak negative. I guess that’s how you can be both? Still strange. Especially from a blood donation standpoint.

Well, just the same, I’m going this afternoon. Here’s to hoping they want it. Have you ever heard of such a thing??

Ok, now for my other news…

What am I getting myself into?!
What am I getting myself into?!

Yep! You read that right! Guess who was accepted into the nursing program!! I just found out this morning!! Oh man…these next 2 years are gonna be crazy!! It’s one step toward my ultimate goal, which will all come together, one day. Hey, maybe I’ll figure out the blood type craziness, while I’m at it!

What do you wanna be when you grow up…or are you already doing it??



2 thoughts on “Strange Blood Types and Other News!

    • Awesome!! I love it!! I can actually say I had thought about those too! FBI – I always thought forensics would be cool, but didn’t myself doing that and having a family. Chef – close enough, I wanted to be a baker 😉

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