Not, Not Training?

So, I think I’m really enjoying this “not training, training” a little too much! While I was trying to fall asleep last night, I came up with a workout, for today’s run! And, you know what?! It was fun and challenging! Especially, pushing the boys!! (I would have shared our finishing picture with you…but realized, after-the-fact, that it was not-so-suitable for sharing. Oh, my crazies…strike again! Sorry.)

Ok, a little side note…this may sound strange, but I never really “got,” how people could just lap swim. Sometimes, daily. Same thing, everyday. Don’t get me wrong, I give major credit, for the simple fact that they’re there! Doing something!! For me though, it’s not my thing. Maybe it’s because all I ever knew, were swim sets…so even if I don’t do something crazy, I still like to have some sort of workout plan or goal…which I would change, for each swim. It’s probably weird, because I don’t compete anymore. But, it works for me. Keeps it interesting.

With running, my goal was always to survive. (Maybe the same is applicable to swimming? Oh man! People probably wondered the same thing about me!!) Anyway, now that I’ve been running a little more, I enjoy trying to mix things up a little. So, even though I’m not training specifically for anything, I like to present myself with different challenges.

Anyway, you are more than welcome to try it out! You can easily change things around too – to make it suitable for you. I can also give suggestions for that, if you want!

Here you go!
Here you go!

I don’t really get to come up with swim workouts anymore, so I guess I’ll do it with running! Hey, whatever works, right?! Keep in mind, I am not a run coach…though it is on my certification wish list!! I’m just waiting for one to be offered locally. Someday soon…hopefully!

Well hey, look at that! With today’s run, I’m nearly 3/4 of my 100 mile goal for the month!! Woohoo!!

I might just make it, this month!!
Thanks RunKeeper! I might just make it, this month!!

Oh, and finally…I’m remembering to start my Charity Miles app too!! Sometimes, I forget to stop it though. Oh well. Every little bit helps, right?! Today, I donated my miles to the ASPCA! Have you tried it yet?

What are your workout thoughts? Do you have specific workout goals??




6 thoughts on “Not, Not Training?

  1. On my runs, I usually think about food, and work…and sleep. But mostly, to be honest, I’m always crunching times. I can tell what my half time or full time would be in the middle of my run… or what I need to break a certain time, or if I can afford to walk the water stations or re-tie my shoe… This time around, I’m really trying to stick to my current plan. Btw, if I started to try and get 100 miles in a month, I would have did it in 2 weeks (on Pete Pfitzinger’s plan). In june, I will have logged 177 miles. By the way, I did get an email regarding this post. So if you did anything, it worked.

    • Oh, good! I tried looking at my settings, but can’t remember if I did change anything. Anyway…177 miles!! That’s AMAZING!!! I might have to have a look at this plan! For me, I think I just need the experience with the distance.

  2. So….I JUST now found your blog! I caught myself up and read every post! Good job my friend! Maybe I’ll try it someday soon. See you soon! I’ll re-comment after tomorrow’s long run and tell you what I thought about. Normally I’m with you chatting it up. What ever will I do tomorrow? Wah!

    • Aww, thanks for taking the time to read up! I can’t wait to hear about your thoughts!! I miss running with you too…but soon enough! If it makes you feel better, I’m gonna have to get up early, to run solo tomorrow too. Maybe we could FaceTime with each other…then it will be like we’re running together 😉

  3. Thoughts on my run. Mile. 2: seriously, a train. It’s so slow will it ever end, how long is it? Mile 4:almost half way there, oh hello sweat in eyeballs. Mile 5: yeah, half way there. Mile 7: seriously, I have to start weaving up and down streets just to get in 10 miles in this town. OMG it’s 90 degrees. Oh, a tree, I’ll stop for a min. Mile 9.4:I’m almost to house and now I must pass it just to get to my 10, NO!!! Mile 10.11: I did it! Man my legs are dead from all the miles this week. What an incredibly mentally draining run that was. I’m so over 90degree runs! Can’t wait for sea level and cooler temps!

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