The Longest Day of the Year!

Happy Saturday!

Well, now it’s official…summer is here! Did you do anything extra special today??

We didn’t, really. We started the morning with another trip to bootcamp! The boys were into it, at least at the beginning. Then we went over to the sand, and they were done.

Crazy 1: Working hard...and  Crazy 2: hardly working
Crazy #1: working hard…Crazy #2: hardly working.

Oh well. We had fun…and I ended up with a bootcamp battle wound!

I really need to start wearing my gloves
I really need to start wearing my gloves.

Afterward, we stayed and played for a bit. I got them to pick up a couple pieces of trash, as there was a beach clean-up going on, but that was about the extent of participation I could get. We’ll keep working on it, but at least they did that.

Oh, today was also the 3rd Birthday of Sweat Pink! I became an ambassador for them, almost a year ago!! It’s a pretty cool network of health and fitness peeps, who live active lives, inspiring and motivating others to do the same! I’ve connected with a few, but could definitely afford to connect with some more. There’s some amazing people out there, doing amazing things, who all share the same passion as myself…and that’s just awesome! Anyway, to celebrate, I of course wore my tank to bootcamp…and later ordered a foot note, to add to my pink laces! Now, I’m a little bit excited for it to get here!!

I forgot to snap a selfie during class, so this was a reenactment
I forgot to snap a Sweat Pink selfie during class, so this was a reenactment

Ok, so back to our day…we enjoyed a backyard picnic, and later went for another swim.

No use crying over spilled milk...don't worry, the Murph will clean it up for you!
Enjoying lunch. Oh, and no use crying over spilled milk…the Murph will clean it up for you!

On our way to the pool, we saw a random rainbow. It was pretty cool, so I tried to get a picture…but it didn’t come out so great. I actually thought it was my polarized lenses at first, but then my kiddos started talking about it too, so I knew it was really there!

The best...random rainbows and warm pool decks!!
The best…random rainbows and warm pool decks!!

Finally, I also found out, that I have been accepted as a Girls Run Fast ambassador!! Yay!! I feel so grateful to have been afforded the opportunities to be part of these organizations!! The opportunity to be me…to do what I do…and able to connect with others, who do the same!!

So, all these pictures…I guess we did do a lot! It kinda goes along with the territory – the longest day of the year = fill it with activities!!

Ok, now I gotta get to bed. Planning for an early run tomorrow, so I can get in a little extra time.

I hope you’re enjoying your summer! How did you spend your day??


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