Some New Tunes and Summer Running

Hey there! Here we are…another Monday, just came and went! Hope it was a good one!

I’d just like to say, the invention of the “playlist” has been an amazing thing!! Do you remember when…all those songs would have to be “burned” to a cd?! (Oh, and we won’t even go to the days before that!) It’s so great now…just save click, drag, etc…and there you go! A playlist!! Simply marvelous!! Well, let me tell you…I love making playlists!

Back when I was planning my wedding and thinking about songs I wanted played…I had about 7 hours of music. Ha! I guess, I might have gone a little overboard. When I started making playlists for running…more of the same. It was great though, because I never heard the same song twice…even on different runs!

Anyway, when I started teaching my fitness classes, I got to put together my own playlists! How great is that??! It’s the perfect marriage of what I love…fitness and music!! Yeah, it’s pretty much the best combo ever!!

Well…I’ve promised my bootcampers a new playlist this Friday! And by-golly, they’re gonna get one!! I’m almost done with it. Yay!

A little of this, and a little of that...
A little of this, and a little of that…

I don’t know what it is about Eminem, but I find his music very motivating! Not really sure how everyone else feels about it though?

Other than that, today was a “rest” day…at least until I taught Insanity this evening. I did get up early yesterday morning though, to get in my run. All I could think to myself was, ‘am I nuts for getting up before 6am…to run…even though I don’t have to?!’ It’s pretty much what I’ve gotta do though, when the hubs is working…if I want to run for more than an hour. So, maybe I’m not that nuts? (That’s probably still debatable.)

90% and sparkling all the way!
90% and sparkling all the way!

Anyway, while I would have like to gone a little farther, but didn’t quite give myself enough time. I ran 10mi though! And, that friends put me 90% to my 100mi goal!! Woohoo!! It was kinda nice too, because I didn’t get stopped at all the lights, like I normally would.

Good Morning!
Came home to my welcome committee!

Ok, I told you, a few posts ago, that I haven’t run over the summer, for a few years now. Adding to that, my runs used to be ~2.5mi. What that means is, I just kinda did it, whenever. So, I haven’t actually gotten up for an early morning long run…ever!! I realized this yesterday…during my run. Allow me to clarify…I’ve gotten up early to workout, but none of my long marathon training runs, were ever in the morning! Can you believe that??! I always had to wait til nap time or the end of the day. Part of this, is because I used to work at 5:30am, so I would have had to get up even earlier…which I’d have no problem with. (Yes, I’ve done it.) The problem though…it was dark, and the hubs wasn’t comfortable with me running alone, in the dark. Totally understandable.

Alas summer…it becomes lighter much earlier, so I can go super early! The other nice things, of course…it’s done before it gets hot, and I have the rest of the day to play! Here’s a little article I just read too, about summer running. Just some reasons to love it, which I might have to agree with…especially with the last one!

Iced coffee never tasted so good!
Iced coffee never tasted so good!

Ok, wanna know something a little crazy now??! I just told you how much I enjoy making playlists, right?! I don’t run with music…unless I have my kiddos! I did for a little while, but then decided I’d use the time to be alone with my thoughts and surroundings. I like to think of it as mental training.

Just dance!
Hey! These guys seem to like my new mix!

Ok, your turn…when are you most motivated – morning, mid-day, or evening? Oh, and what songs really get you pumped??!



2 thoughts on “Some New Tunes and Summer Running

  1. I have an 180 bpm playlist. Would you believe Beyonce has a lot of 180 bpm songs? Yeah Eminem, dmx, and usually 90’s hip hop for me :).

  2. Awesome! Thank you!! I have an app, where you can change the bpm. It’s kinda cool, but I don’t use it all the time. Good to know abut Beyonce! I’m gonna have to add her into my iTunes. Funny you should mention the 90’s hip hop…I had thought about that too 😉

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