We Did It…

With time to spare!!
…and, with time to spare!!

Woohoo!! Yesterday, we made the 100mi goal for June! One month down…two more to go! I had planned to share this with you earlier, (i.e. yesterday,) but the kiddos didn’t want to let me finish. Anyway…

Now, I don’t know for sure, but I’m pretty sure, this isn’t the first time I’ve ran 100mi in a month. I mean, I have run a couple marathons now, so I’m almost confident, this is not a new feat.

What’s the big deal then?

Well, let me tell you…what is unique about this milestone, is that I did it, without having something to train for! I’ve already told you, that my runs were much shorter than what I’ve been running lately. They were consistently less than a half-hour, 3-4 days per week. So to run 100mi in a month, would have been a long shot.

Now, it definitely worked in my favor, that I ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon, on the first of the month, so like I keep saying, these next two months will be my real challenge. Adding to this I typically run 3 days a week. I’ve already checked the calendar though, and I/we should be able to accomplish this goal.

We're in it together...just me and my coaches!
We’re in it together…just me and my coaches!

Now, let me tell you about my 3 days a week. Since I’m still trying to figure out what works for me, I’ve looked at different training plans, read some articles, talked with other runners, etc. When I started preparing for marathon number 2, a friend had give me this book.

Seriously? Is it possible??
Seriously? Is it possible??

Now, I’m gonna be honest, I didn’t read it, cover to cover…and I really didn’t even follow the actual training plan. I wanted to, but I don’t think my running was where it needed to be, to jump into this.

The idea though, I did follow: run 3x a week and 2-3 days cross-train.

Run 1: Speed

Run 2: Tempo

Run 3: Long

The cross-training was to take the place of the “easy run” most other plans call for. Cross-training might include swimming, cycling, etc. The idea being, to reduce possible injury.

Sounds great, right?! Well, I’m pretty sure teaching Insanity and/or bootcamp on the same days as my speed and tempo runs, wasn’t the best way to incorporate everything. Sometimes though, you gotta do the best, with what you’re given.

Maybe why I ended up with a lower leg issue? Perhaps. Well, it could have been my shoes too?

Anyway, several months later, aka, this week…I finally got my days switched around! Yay! My goal is to maintain what I’m doing now, which would keep me in shape for half-marathons…and my upcoming Ragnar Relay! (More on that later!!)

Ok, so I forgot where I was going with all that…but anyway, I’m excited to have reached my first 100mi goal! I was even more excited when I checked the mail, and found this…

Remember, I told you about these the other day?
Remember, I told you about these the other day

Well, I got it all laced up, and ready for class tonight…


And, don’t forget that new playlist! I think I’m all set!

Better be on my way now…traffic isn’t very pretty on Fridays!

Hope you have a great weekend!!



4 thoughts on “We Did It…

  1. You’re the 4th person who bought up RFRL when asked what training they were doing. Is it a waste to change it up mid – training?! :).

    • Really??! I’m not gonna tell you one way or the other, because you know yourself best. What I will say, is that I’m not sure I’ve ever followed one plan. I really did want to follow RLRF, as written, but since my distance wasn’t up to start it initially, I had planned to build up and switch into it. I mostly didn’t follow it, because I don’t run around a track, so for simplicity, I used a RunKeeper plan for my speed and tempo runs. I’ll also add, that even only running 3 days, combined with my other activities, I felt my fitness was where it needed to be.

  2. It’s June 30. My legs are dead after nearly 20 miles in less than 24 hours. I’m not making my 100 June miles. :(. Some thoughts on that though. I know I do better running lower miles and not running back to back runs so I’m okay with not reaching my goal. I’d rather not be injured. Taking my rest days seriously during this marathon training is going to be crucial. I need to be smart.

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