There’s a First Time for Everything!

How’s it been going?! Are you enjoying the long holiday weekend??! I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July!!

Well, I know it’s been a little while since my last post. I really was planning to the other day, but then decided to hold off, because this week was full of firsts!

Tuesday…My first barre class! Yep! I finally made it!! 6am! Oh wow…can we say “holy hip flexors”??! Finally, just stopped feeling them! It was great though…working all those little muscles!! I am really gonna try to add it into my workout regiment. I’ve read a few articles, and heard from others, how beneficial barre can be for running. Plus…I’ve really always wanted to learn to dance, and this may be the next best thing! Either way, I could use the core work. I’ll let you know my opinions, after a few more classes. I’ll also share a more exciting picture, once I get a little better!!

My new toesox were definitely an incentive to go!!
For now…here’s a picture of my foot! These toesox were definitely an incentive to go!!

Wednesday…and a little on Monday too…My first mixy-matchy round of Insanity! It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a little while, but haven’t until now. I took different blocks from the different rounds of Insanity, to change things up! It was fun! The theme…burpees! Lots of them!!

All different kinds too…frog jump burpees…side burpees…and football burpee drops! [I had video examples of each, but they wouldn’t load.] So stay tuned…I’ll get back to you with those!

Thursday…My first time running hill repeats! I had come up with a workout the other day, but decided to save it for next week. Instead, I opted to join a friend for hill repeats! Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve done plenty of hilly runs. Lets face it…when I leave my house, three out of the four ways I can start, are up! Not to mention, I have been known to add in hills, just because. Anyway, I’ve never run repeats of the same hill before. Well, this run ended up being more of a figure-eight pattern of hills, but it worked. I think I’m gonna try it again, in a couple weeks…you know, for fun!


Also on Thursday…My first time watching 3rd of July fireworks, from our roof! Let me explain. For various reasons, our City no longer has fireworks for the 4th of July. Last year was the City’s 125 Anniversary, so to celebrate, fireworks were brought back, but on the 3rd. Apparently, this is the new tradition, because we had fireworks again this year…on the 3rd. It’s cool. The nice thing, is I can actually enjoy them with the family…otherwise, the hubs is at work. The other nice thing, is that we had a great view of them, from our roof!


Friday…My first day of the my diastasis recti (DR) exercise program, (phase 2)! Yes, I finally started it. Each phase is two weeks, with the first phase being breathing and alignment exercises. As easy as it sounds, I was to focus on pilates breathing in each position – standing, sitting, and lying down – for five minutes, three times a day. Well, so far, I’ve failed. I did not follow the plan. I did however, think about it throughout the day, and practiced some…just not as often as prescribed.

Warning: these next images are not for the faint of heart…rather, they are just to give you an idea of where I am currently with my DR.

So, this isn't before and in the first two-weeks. No, this is morning and afternoon!
No, this isn’t a before and after…as in the first two-weeks. These are from the same day…after I wake up, and before I go to bed.

This new phase does include some dynamic exercises, incorporating the breathing and alignment, from phase 1. I am to practice the series, twice a day…and, this is the part I really need to make sure I do. Ok, so the exercises aren’t difficult. I think the hardest part, is breathing at the right time! Confession: This is something I’ve always found a little challenging. I don’t hold my breath. I do breathe. I just don’t think it’s always at the right time…and I’ve always wondered if it was because I was a swimmer. Hmmm…

Other notable Friday firsts…the boys got their first Slip ‘n’ Slide! It was hot, but I did not dare take them to the beach…and the City pool was closed. So, we headed on over to Wal-Mart and picked up a Slip ‘n’ Slide! I’m not sure they really got the idea yet, but just the same, they had fun!

photo 2-5

photo 1-4

Saturday…My first rest daythis week!! Since I’m only taking one full rest day, this feels like such a treat!! My goodness!! It was a kind of a nice thing too, since it was 80+, before 9am!! Oh, and what better way to rest than…taking the boys to the Home Depot workshop…First Saturday of the Month! Maybe you remember our adventure last month?! I might be a glutton for punishment, but I took them, again. Yep, there was paint, again. Fortunately, things went a little better this time.

Hard at work…
Here you go…a bug house!

Oh, and finally…My first post all week! 😛 

What about you…when was the last time, you tried something for the first time? What was it?



3 thoughts on “There’s a First Time for Everything!

  1. You dance in barre? My hip flexors are in need of some help. Insanity? I start PiYO Monday. I run 13 tomorrow so I’m thinking my hips will thank me. And forgive my ignorance dish, but what is DR?

    • You know, I almost wrote out diastasis recti (DR). I’ll go back and change it 🙂

      So barre…lol…maybe not so much dance, as principles from dance. When I started training for my first half, I would feel my hip flexors after 7mi. They’ve since gotten better, but obviously, they could benefit from barre. Insanity! So fun!! I think it’s helpful for running too. I did the 60-day challenge a couple years ago, and loved it so much – maybe I really am insane! They came out with an instructor certification last year, so you better believe I was all over it!! It’s also good core training; however, with it being so quick, it can sometimes be challenge to maintain that focus. That’s where I feel something like pilates or barre, would be a nice change of pace. You’ll have to let me know how PiYo is!! I would love to try it…I just don’t know how to fit everything in!!!

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