Sharing Is Caring

Well hello there! Hey, look at that! We made it through another week!!

Things here have been a little crazy…only because daddy has been working a lot, so it’s pretty much been me n’ the boys lately! They are always ready to go, go, go!!

Yesterday was especially busy! We of course, had to get our run in, pre-swim lessons. Then, we made the trek out to visit Nonna, and play with our cousins – ALL boys, might I add. Nonna always has some kind of project for them to do…which they LOVE!!

photo 1

photo 2
This months project – International sheep!

Not planned, but we ended up skipping nap…because we had been given tickets to Legoland, and we had to use them that day. Let’s just say, I was done, by the end of everything! Just the same, we had a great time, and I always enjoy spending time with my boys…even if they are a little crazy! They are also very sweet.

Love these guys!!
Love these guys!!

So, that said…let me share with you, a couple other things that have been going on here.

First thing…have you heard of Ragnar Relays? Maybe you noticed that I am doing one, in September. It’s the Napa Ragnar – starts in San Francisco, and ends in Calistoga – 205mi, shared by 12 team members, each running three legs of different distances. Doesn’t that sound fun?!

Well, the other day, we had our first Ragnar Meet ‘n’ Greet BBQ. In addition, we drew our legs from a hat. I had made this suggestion, for a couple reasons. First, it makes it kinda fun; you know, “luck of the draw.” Second, several runners would love to run over the Golden Gate Bridge, so to be fair, refer back to reason 1. Fortunately, everyone was on board for this idea! (Disclaimer: I was not actually in charge of the drawing.)

So, there were two legs, that had a total distance greater than 20 miles. Not gonna lie, I always like to face a challenge, so I sorta wanted to run longest one. At the same time though, I was curious to see what I would draw. I figured if someone drew the longer legs and absolutely did not do it, I would trade.

Ok, are you ready to see what I got?? Drumroll please…

I know it's kinda hard to see...I didn't get the longest legs. Close though!
I know it’s kinda hard to see…I didn’t get the longest legs.

Now, lemme break it down for you…starting with my final leg. I’ll explain why, in a second 😉

8.3mi "Very Hard"
8.3mi “Very Hard”

Perfect! Who wouldn’t want to finish with “very hard”?

Now, my second leg…

4.7mi "Moderate"
4.7mi “Moderate”

So, I went in reverse, because I just had to save the best for last…

5.5mi "Hard"
5.5mi “Hard”

Did you see? Do you know what this means?? YES! I will be running over the Golden Gate Bridge!!! I don’t know if I still believe it. I even did a quadruple check, and yes! This. Is. It!!

So, I didn’t get the longest legs, but I did end up with a total of 18.5mi. I’ll take it.

Anyway, lets get back on track…since I haven’t done a Ragnar before, I will share with you, what I learn – from training, to packing, to the actual event, and anything else in between. Sound good?

Until then…I’m maintaining my running and continuing to work toward my second month of 100mi. I’ve decided to add in a day of tempo, speed-work, or hill repeats, as I shared with you in my last post. So, this week, I went for speed-work. I’m warning you now, it was rough…but here it is, if you’re interested!


Again, I’m not a run coach…and I probably am not the first person to make this up. That said, feel free to try it out! Of course, you can change it up, to make it more appropriate for yourself…and as always, if you have any questions, ask away.

I just thought it would be fun to share!

So, one last thing worth mentioning…I just found out about a really cool, and FREE, app! It’s called EveryMove! Have you heard of it?? It’s of course, another way to connect with people, but through being active. In addition to building a motivating social network, you can earn rewards, which is another cool perk! You can also sync all the other fitness apps, to feed right into it! Super easy 🙂

Well, I think that’s about it! Do you use any fitness apps? Which one(s)??



6 thoughts on “Sharing Is Caring

  1. Keep me in mind when you guys do a ragnar. If it works out I want in. Is it competitive? I don’t want the pressure to run 7 or 8 min splits

  2. Fitness apps? Just run keeper. Thinking of getting rid of it though and solely using garmin connect. I liked My fitness pal while I was trying to lose weight from the twins. I don’t like my phone littered with apps :/

    • Totally hear ya! I’m always into trying the latest apps, but then end up deleting them. I too, debate continuing with RunKeeper, especially now that I have the Garmin, but I like that I can track everything else I do. Now with the EveryMove app, it all syncs up which is cool 🙂

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