Always Be Prepared

So, I mentioned my upcoming Ragnar Relay…and that I’d share with you, anything I learn along the way. Well, I had my first lesson the other day. Bring extra socks, (maybe with the high heel?,) and band-aids! Oh, yes…and some sort of energy, might have been helpful too.

My plan was to run an early 14mi, before the rest of my house woke up. It was the hubs birthday, and I thought it would keep things simple. Yes, that would have been a great idea, until he picked up some hours that day…starting at 5:30am!! True, I’ve been known to get up at 3:30am to get it done, before work and what not; however, if you recall…I’m not exactly training for anything right now, and I’m not currently working. So, I had to ask myself, ‘why I would do such a thing?’ I’m crazy…but I’m not that crazy 😛

Instead, I thought I’d be creative, and try to break it up into two, 7mi runs – one in the morning, and one later. First of all, I know the boys, together, will last in the stroller for that duration…we’ve been doing it. Second, I was already planning to break up some of my long runs at a point, to prepare for Ragnar.

So, we headed over to the River/Bike Trail. It’s a nice place to go with the stroller, to avoid the beach-going crowds, cars, etc. Plus, there’s a cool park nearby.


During our first 7mi leg, I decided to change things up a little. Partly, because the hubs might get off work early – I didn’t want to have to worry about getting in the second run. But, also because I wanted to get it done. Side note/confession…we went to a pool party the day before, and the showers were cold. By the time we made it home, we were too pooped to take a shower. SO, my point…I also wanted to finish the run, so I could take a shower 😉

Ok, now back to where I was going. During my first run leg, I thought…hey, I’ll run 6mi, take the kids to play for ~20min…run 4mi, take the kids to play ~20min…run 2mi, take the kids to play, or go home for lunch. Add in the back and forth to the park, I’d be right around 14mi. Works for me…and it doesn’t sound too bad, right?


While it did help break things up, so they would last, it was definitely not easy! As time went by, the temp continued to rise, and the wind/breeze picked up. Disclaimer: when you’re running with the double, it all feels like wind. Also, during my second leg, because I was already so sweaty, my sock had slid down a little, leaving an exposed heel…and you know what that means. I tried to put a band-aid on, during the second play break, but it lasted ~30sec?


Anyway, after I don’t even know how long, we finally finished…with good timing too! As we finished, the ice-cream man was cruising around nearby. So, to reward the boys for being so patient, they got to pick an ice-cream!


Lucky Boys!
Lucky Boys!


Ok, so one last thing I wanted to share with you guys…I just registered for a virtual event. Have you done one before? I did one, last summer. It was super casual, through the Moms Run This Town group, designed to keep people moving – mainly through the summer (or winter) months, when it’s easy to put running/fitness aside.

Anyway, the one I’m now referencing, is the International Mermaid Day 5k, Run, Bike, or Swim. It’s only $25, and benefits Make-A-Wish, Southern Florida. Besides that, it’s a Mermaid/Merman event…and that’s just freaking awesome! Of course, the other cool part, is you can pick your poison…run, bike, swim…or do it all!!

Ooohh…what would you choose?? Have you done a virtual event before?



7 thoughts on “Always Be Prepared

  1. Well impressed with your energy and passion with all you do . Need to get my daughter to follow your blog for some inspiration . Bet your boys loved those ice creams they looked the business. 😉

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