Who the heck am I?

Hi! My name is Alicia, but you can call me “Dish“. I’ve never really been much of a writer. In fact, I was never the girl, who kept a journal. Frankly, I didn’t feel like I had much to write about, nor did I ever think anyone else would want to read about it. At this point in my life, I have many things going on and believed it could be beneficial for me to start journaling them. I’m finding it therapeutic. Ironic, because I never really enjoyed writing.

Ok, first off…I’m not here to promise you daily recipes, parenting advice, couponing secrets, workouts, etc. Don’t get me wrong, if I have something worth sharing, I will. Rather, I’m here to share myself – in my attempts to enjoy each day, be a good mom and wife, stay healthy, and find my place…wherever it may be.

I am married with two handsome little boys. We planned it out very well – both of them have birthdays in October…three days apart! I am often asked if we are going to have anymore – you know, to try for a girl. I always respond that nothing is set in stone, but at this time we believe two is enough! Especially two boys, whom I collectively refer to as “my Crazies” or “my Circus”! I feel if we did have another, it would be for selfish reasons – I loved being pregnant and I miss the new baby stage. I really don’t think those should be reasons. It’s hard enough to give enough attention to each of them, so to divide it up anymore, would be unfair. We are happy with our two little boys, so we are good.

Growing up I always enjoyed swimming. Eventually I added in running and strength training. I even did a little bit of cycling for a while. Now, just to clarify, when I say “a little bit,” I mean to/from work; and when I say “for a while,” I mean a summer. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy it, because I did. It’s that I don’t make time for it. Especially now. I definitely have intentions of getting into it a little more though, because eventually I plan to do a triathlon. For now, I stick with my running, swimming, and strength training program. It works for me.

When I started college, I had so many areas I was interested in – from advertising to forensics; and from nursing to teaching. ALL related, right? Who really knows what they want to be when the grow up, at the ripe old age of 18? (Major kudos, to anyone who does!! In fact, I’m still trying to figure it out!) Anyway, after about seven years of community college, I finally decided to major in Kinesiology. I always felt like I wanted to be a teacher, but after summers of teaching swim lessons, I didn’t think I’d want to do it year-round. For a few years I taught adult swimming lessons and found that I really enjoyed working with adults. Hence, I came to the conclusion that being a p.e. teacher, at a community college, would be ideal. Once I figured that out, I completed my BS and went on to obtain my MS in physical education. I knew jobs would be hard to come by, but believed getting the school part out of the way would be huge, thus allowing me to focus on my family.

I worked for the City pools for nearly 15 years, where I was a lifeguard and instructor. I remember when I first started, thinking how lucky I was, to have a job I LOVED! Well, fast forward several years and two babies later…what was once the BEST JOB EVER, had became just a job. I needed to find where my passion was. If I was going to sacrifice the time away from my family, it had to be worth it, and sadly, this wasn’t it.

Before I finally left, I had been offered a few outside opportunities, to pursue a new direction in fitness. I ended up taking one of these jobs, for a brief period. Unfortunately, I couldn’t put in the time that I wanted, because I had to do it in addition to EVERYTHING else. At this time, I felt like I was at the end of my rope. Was I supposed to suck it up, and keep doing the same thing, because it was safe and comfortable? Even if that meant being unhappy?? BUT, it has great benefits…AND in 23 years, I could retire with a great package! Nope. Still couldn’t do it.

I mentioned earlier, back in my school days, that nursing was another area of interest for me. I found it was something that I kept coming back to, especially when having my babies. I kept pushing the thought aside though, because my whole goal was to be finished with school, before having children. Well, what I can tell you – I’ve learned this many times – NEVER SAY NEVER. I quit my pool job, to go back to school, and for now am just awaiting acceptance to the nursing program. Fingers crossed. Oh, and I also teach some fitness classes at a local women’s gym.

Something I haven’t mentioned yet…since having my boys, I now have diastasis recti. Basically, because I carried everything in my belly, the connective tissue holding my abdominal muscles together had been stressed so much, that I was left with a separation. What this means…I am asked constantly if I’m pregnant, because I have what appears to be a baby bump. So, not only do I look pregnant through my entire pregnancy – I show very early – but now, after a couple years, I still look pregnant! I hate the way it bothers me, but I feel like talking about it has helped. I’ve tried a couple different things to improve it, but apparently the only way to FIX it, is through surgery? I think I’ll keep trying.

Another thing…somewhat related, somewhat not. I recently found out that I am BRCA2 positive. Since I am aware of it, I guess I’m part of a group called “pre-vivors”. I found shortly after my second pregnancy, but didn’t actually get to sit down with a genetic counselor and discuss it, until about a year ago. Prior to receiving my results, I pretty much expected I was – family history – but having it confirmed was a little disheartening. The good news is that I can honestly say that I have accepted it – it is, what it is – and knowledge is power.

Ok…so I think that should get you up to speed. I believe that everything happens for a reason – I am where I am, for a reason. So, if you’ve gotten to this point – THANK YOU – and if you decide to follow along, welcome to my journey!

Me n' my crazies
Here we are…me and my crazies!



6 thoughts on “Who the heck am I?

  1. Very good first blog . Nice to read and take some motivation thoughts from it . From a person with no goals aspirations or confidence

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