What’s In A Name?

Wouldn’t you like to know!?

I told you, that you could call me Dish, but I just realized that I never told you, where the heck that came from!

Well first of all, let me say, I’ve always thought nicknames were cool. Don’t you? Sure, we all had something growing up, but how many have actually stuck?

I was one called “button-nose”. Cute.

There was also “leash”. No. I NEVER really liked that one.

Oh, and then there was “Herculicia”. Kinda awesome, right?!

Yeah, but these were short-lived.

Now, I will enlighten you – “Dish”. Nothing fancy about its creation, other than an old swim coach thought it rhymed with Alish – which by the way, I don’t spell my name that way. Anyway, I became “Alish the Dish”. Ok, I dunno…

Well, my fellow swimmer friend, continued with the Dish, and the rest was history. 

So, there you have it! What about you – do you have a nickname that’s stuck??


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