Not, Not Training?

So, I think I’m really enjoying this “not training, training” a little too much! While I was trying to fall asleep last night, I came up with a workout, for today’s run! And, you know what?! It was fun and challenging! Especially, pushing the boys!! (I would have shared our finishing picture with you…but realized, after-the-fact, that it was not-so-suitable for sharing. Oh, my crazies…strike again! Sorry.)

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Happy National Running Day!

Hey there! So, I know we just met, but I figured today would be a great day for my first post! Why? Well, because it’s National Running Day! So, why not?!

Back in my About Me novel, you may have noticed that I run. Well, let me reiterate, that I have not always been a runner. Back in the day, I would go so far as to say, I hated running. With that, I should add that I never dreamed I’d run a marathon, let alone even entertain such an idea!

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