Where Have You Been?

Hey there! Sorry, I thought I’d take a couple days off. Did you miss me? It’s ok, if you didn’t. Things were a little busy and somewhat uneventful. Ok, let’s see…

Monday…the first day of swim lessons! It was a little weird being at the pool – as a patron, and not an instructor. It was nice though – just to enjoy watching my child in the pool. Oh, and then there’s the infamous June Gloom. Never fails to come back for the first days of swim lessons…or all summer. Sometimes. Yep, I don’t miss that either!!

One of my water babies
One of my water babies

The rest of the day was filled with some household responsibilities, but of course ended with teaching my Insanity class! It was fun too!! I mean, it’s always a great time, but I love it when I have a big class!!

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